Wednesday, 26 September 2012

the Man

     As I washed my hands after performing my call of nature I turned to leave the Takashimaya bathroom. As I left, I glanced at the mirror on my right and what I saw sent chills worthy of the Frost Giants themselves down my spine. I saw a man, about 6"7 wearing the kind of winter jackets that have synthetic fur around the edges of the hood, but where his head should have been was nothing but dark, empty space, a dark shadow (I only assumed it was a man as it was in the gent's toilet).
     I turned and ran out of the mysteriously empty shopping mall and onto the main road on Orchard Road. I looked over my left shoulder and saw the same man following me, walking briskly and talking great big steps like a giant would. As I turned to run down the empty road the man threw something at me, something sharp as when I looked down there was a great gash down my left thigh bleeding a lot. I ignored it and ran, and ran and ran. He was still following me. I was at the edge of a cliff now, and the man was right behind me. Before I could do anything I felt the force of a speeding train push me and the next thing I knew I was falling, falling into oblivion. 


  1. Hi Cian,
    I really like your blog post! Did it actually happen?? Anyway if it didn't and it is made up, it's really really good! While reading it I got the picture of the man chasing me.... Its really nice!! Keep writing awesomely!

  2. Well Done Cian! This Piece of Writing is great. I really enjoyed reading it! but as Celia said.. Is it real? or was it all a dream ...? Anyways Well Done :)